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Certified Bikes


Certified bikes are the best of the best. Our certified bikes all get Fast and Free delivery within a 6 hour drive of our location in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. They also come with a free 30 day warranty and money back guarantee!

If you live in our delivery area and buy a certified bike, Our aim is to personally deliver your new ride to you using our custom Used Bikes Direct truck and trailer.

Our custom transport systems allows us to be fast, Give you accurate updates and of course deliver your new ride in perfect condition. We typically deliver all Certified bikes to our delivery area within 72 hours of payment, Please note however that on rare occasions exceptions will apply.

If you live outside of our delivery area then we can still help. Just outside the area we will simply ask for a very small charge. If you live a long way outside of our delivery area we use motorcycle specialty transport company Haul Bikes.

Haul bikes, Like us, Know how to ship motorcycles quickly and safely so no matter where you live we can and will get your new ride to you without headaches, Hassles or worries.

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